SPP 1594 - Topological Engineering of Ultrastrong Glasses
Starting Ramp Program 3nd Round: Funded Projects

The following proposals have been granted within the 3nd round of SPP1594 starting-ramp program:

1. Impact of micro-alloying on failure and fracture of notched Pd-based glasses
F. Davani
Uni Münster

2. The Boson peak in deformed metallic glasses
M. Golkia
Uni Düsseldorf

3. Tuning the creep behavior of nanoglasses
C. Kalcher
TU Darmstadt

4. A study on the wear resistance of metallic glasses
E. Moayedi
FSU Jena

5. 5. Influence of a third network former on structure and properties of aluminosilicate glasses
T. Grammes
FSU Jena

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